Review: How To Get Cheap Flights With Dollar Flight Club

Figuring out how to get cheap flights is my favorite hobby.

Okay, fine. Traveling is my favorite hobby. But finding the cheapest flight is certainly part of that!

Over the years, I’ve honed the craft of traveling on a budget down to a pseudoscience, religiously alternating between fare aggregating sites and travel search engines, setting rate alerts, and reading up on travel hacks like skiplagging in search of the lowest prices.

As you can imagine, that’s all pretty time-consuming and doesn’t always guarantee the best-priced flight — and there’s really nothing that rains on your parade quite like finally buying a ticket only to find out the price has dropped soon after!

Recently, though, I came across a service called Dollar Flight Club on Twitter. I saw a tweet promoting a giveaway, the winner of which would embark on a Bali retreat.

After entering the giveaway and creeping through the company’s Twitter account, I was intrigued by some of the flight fares they advertised.

$290 round trip to Hawaii? I literally just paid $625 for that. $340 round trip to Ireland? I went to Dublin in 2016 — for well over $340. And both times I thought I was getting the best deal ever!

I checked out DFC’s website to learn more about how to get cheap flights using their service.

Basically, the team at Dollar Flight Club does all the stuff I’ve spent hours doing — scouring the internet for the cheapest flights from and to the airports and destinations of your choice — and then presents it all neatly in an email sent right to your inbox.

Meaning you get the best flight prices without having to do anything more than open an email.

There are three different membership levels, one of which is totally free, no strings attached.

There’s also a month-to-month membership which costs $9 a month, and lastly an annual membership for $40 — that’s just over $3 a month, AKA way less than you spend on your daily caffeine fix.

However, free members only get 25% of the deals, while paid members get all of the deals first and get to choose which departure airports they prefer. Premium members can also access the deals from their member profile on the DFC website.

Example deal from my member dashboard.

Example deal from my member dashboard.

According to DFC, on average, members save about $500 per flight, so even if you only go on one trip per year, the annual membership pays for itself 10 times over.

I’ve signed up myself, and honestly look forward to the email every day.

Will I stop aggressively checking flights every day? Probably not. But at least with DFC’s help I’m guaranteed to find something good no matter what.

By the way, I totally didn’t win that Bali giveaway, but I’m now a premium Dollar Flight Club member which is kind of same thing — if not better.

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